Orpington fertility/hatching issues

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Corning IA
    I have had Orps for years. We have shown them, bred them and loved them. I have kept them for over 15yrs because they are such a wonderful duel purpose bird and the show birds are still nice utility birds. About 2-3yrs ago I bought a line of Blue Orps I have played hell with ever since. Fertility is not the best. Yes, I do trim the fluff on the rear of the birds I use for breeding. Yes, their diet is wonderful and they have allot of room to graze, catch bugs etc as well as being on a good feed. They get produce year round as well.
    If I load my table top incubator with the 42 eggs it will hold, I can count on about 15 or so of those being not fertile. I can count on about 5 or so coming to term, maybe even pipping a bit, and dying in the shell. Out of 42 eggs I get about 25% hatch with the rest dying either full term or some where along the line.
    I have always used Hoovabator, and I have always had Orps. I have never had the issues I have had since I bought this flock. I love the birds they are very nice quality, however if I can't get hatches, they really don't do me much good.
    Any advice?
    Also is there some lines that are more productive then others? a large blue I could add to this line? I will add this is a 50/50 UK US flock if that matters?
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    Jan 10, 2011
    having talked to some Uk keepers, it sounds like that style has more inherent infertility and issues then the US ones. And like everything sometimes, it can come down to an unproductive line that just needs an infusion of new blood. Were i in your shoes, i would find myself a good blue/black roo that fits your goals and try him out on his own herem. see if things pick up, if so you know your roo is slacking or incapable, and the new blood will do it good, if things don't pick up it may be on the hens side. heck wouldn't hurt to grab some random hatching eggs and put them through to make sure your bators not spiking when your not looking [​IMG]
  3. iajewel

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Corning IA
    I have 3 incubators, so Im pretty sure its not them and I keep them in my office, I write for a living so I practically live in here with the bators. Im pretty sure its the chickens. I live so far from anywhere that I would have to have eggs shipped, I can't just go buy an Orp roo. No one around here for states have blue Orps but me. I didn't know the UK lines had that issue but it very much would explain why I had my orps for years and only now since I got this flock have I had problems. Good to know.. thank you.
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    Quote:I breeder pens we have had fertlity issues with we have found it very helpfull to keep the roosters especially older males with no more than 3 hens. we ran nearly 3 month swith a near 10% fertility running 7 hens with a rooster, cut hom to 3 and gave the back up rooster the other 4 and started seeing 85-90% fertility. Hatch rates have been good for fertile aggs.

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