Well, for starters,

Orps are from the English class, Wyandottes are from the American.
Orps have single combs, Wyans. have rose combs.
Orps have white leggs and skin, Wyans, have yellow leggs and skin.
Orpingtons are better.
I am sorry, I guess that question has a few hundred answers. I will repost when I have more specific questions.

SoCalChick, What makes the orpingtons better ?
I've had quite a few Buff Orpingtons, and I think they are one of the prettiest breeds of chickens, but Wyandottes are better layers. At least, the Buff and Golden-laced Wyandottes I have are better layers than the BO's I've had before.

Can anyone tell me the major differences between the standard Orpington and Wyandotte breeds ?  Thanks

Hi Daidohead,
Did you ever get a decent answer to your question? I'd like to know the answer too. What did you end up getting? I'm leaning toward Wyandottes. I figure there's probably a better variety of pure breeding stock for them here in the US. But I'm just trying to learn. Any help from you would be appreciated. Thanks!

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