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Could anyone begin a discussion on what is a "typy" orp? PIctures would be good. Everyone is concentrating on getting beautiful colors, which is great, but Id love to know about type. Do people breed for the same type regardless of color? Julie mentioned.....somewhere.....that she had a couple of young blue roos that were typy. Julie, what exactly do you mean? What are you looking for in a young roo for a "herd dad"? And even just as important, what are you NOT looking for? What characteristics are a "throw out"?
Cyn, Ive read the breed standards, but Id love to actually SEE what they are talking about in those descriptions. I think its important, with so many of us falling in love with orps, that we not only breed for beautiful colors, but keep the type that is so important to the breed. With many breeders on board here with many orps in their coops, Id love for people to post for us their birds that they consider breed typical, and those that, while still orpingtons, are perhaps not quite as typical as you'd like for breeding stock.
I've been told that Velvet is "typey", but you wanted to know about the roosters. Not sure where Suede would stand in that category, body-wise. I know the body should be broad and the back rather short with that big bustle-like tail "cushion". Hatchery stock tends to be too leggy and narrow-bodied in the Orpingtons.
Cyn, I just mentioned roos because somewhere Julie mentioned keeping 2 blue roos and was curious, if she had to chose between the 2, which she would chose and why. Im interested in hens too, so exactly why is Velvet "typy"? (I know shes totally gorgeous, Im just wondering about typy).
I was told by a poultry judge you want your Orpingtons wide , deep( Im assuming in the chest/body) and big (Huge.) I guess size right now in show world is a on going battle. They are just not big enough (most.)
This blue hen is what I would call "typey"

I have a production buff hen with the New Orps i got and she doent even look like the same breed.
Christina, thanks for posting that picture. I read the standard while looking at her picture, and can really see what they are talking about. Thank you!
i don't know where this stands in meaning anything but so many of us drool over the european orps and if you notice that they all somewhat resemble cochins in body stature.. very round and wide, just bare legs.


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