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Jan 13, 2012
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So we're breaking ground for our coop this week, using a pre-existing building on a concrete slab. It's a slant roof building with large windows.
The inside of this building has exposed studs, so husband and I agreed it would be nice/cleaner look to cover the studs. He chose OSB... but now I have read how hard this stuff is to paint.
I am considering filling the seams with drywall mud and perhaps coating near the bottom with mud to prevent poo-splash from warping the OSB. But apparently this stuff is a lot of work to sand/paint/finish and I won't get the smooth wall look I wanted. Basically-- all of the work I have to put into it to make it look nice... will probably exceed the cost of getting better wall material in the first place....ugh.... why??

I was really hoping for a ritzy interior and am now wondering if it wouldn't hurt to wallpaper over the OSB in places instead- with wallpaper found at thrift stores. Now I read wallpaper won't even help it.
Now that we have the OSB sitting in the shed, ready to go up this week... any quick fix ideas to achieve swanky coop interior?
Most primers and paints boast a one-application ability. Can I find anything (exterior, oil based?) thick enough for a one coat application over OSB? Are both sides of OSB chemically sealed? Or perhaps I can avoid sanding by putting the sealed side facing the other way?

Also, we're using the hex chicken netting for the interior of the coop- to divide the room into two coops for flock separation/brooding/breeding. And planning on using a heavier gauge wire like hardware cloth for the runs. However, it being so expensive, I am wondering if I can combine fencing- having say- 3ft tall hardware cloth along the bottom of the entire run, and a wire with larger openings for the higher sides and roof of the run. We saw many different options at Lowes last night, one called a containment fence- showing a dog, another for keeping rabbits out of the garden, etc. They all seemed to be the same strength as hardware cloth but with larger openings.

My goal is to have an impenetrable coop and yard for show-birds (Black sumatra).


Mar 27, 2017
Western Missouri
Is it possible to take the OSB back and get plywood? It seems like once you get a nice thick coat of primer on there, it will paint better. You will still get the texture of the flakes, but it will soften as you paint and re-paint.


Mar 29, 2017
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I'm in the process of constructing my first chicken coop. It's for 6 chickens and is 5 ft x 5.5 ft. This is what I have so far. I plan to cut a window in on the south side for year round sunlight. I havent decided if I will make it an open/close window or just a pane of plexy-glass. I'm thinking of making white panels in the peaks vents. Would one vent be enough or should I make a vent on both sides? I don't want it to get too drafty either. The panels are about a foot high and 4 feet wide. Two vents will be great in summer, but should I board one up for the winter and just use one vent? There's plenty of room to hang a heat lamp as well, but I'd like to try and get by without. Any other suggestions welcome! Thanks!




May 5, 2017
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Nice, OSB paints Ok just put primer on it first, something like KILZ I wouldn't want wallpaper as it isn't very water proof and I want to be able to hose my coop out when needed. Mine is still in the planning stages and will paint mine.


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May I recommend porch and floor paint?

I did the floor of my big coop nearly 3 years ago. I use shavings on top of that.
Any poo that does get stuck scrapes off easily with my plastic scoop shovel.
No primer used. Just rolled it on the bare plywood. No flaking or peeling as of this post.

It takes some time to dry but is well worth it.


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May 27, 2015
Re fencing--I have the 3' high heavier mesh fencing down low and 6' chicken mesh behind (and above) it. Across the top is bird netting. I'm not claiming it's the most secure, but they do get locked in a secure coop at night. They usually free range much of the day.
Re the OSB, I have seen it used as a decor in some cool little eateries....unpainted and varnished!
Re vents, to MizzHen, I have plexiglass plus 1/2" mesh over my windows and I remove the plexiglass in the summer. I also have vents and cover some but not all in the winter. You don't need heat for adult birds, even in WI. There are plenty of BYC members from the north who say the same thing.

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Feb 2, 2017
I just finished doing the exact thing, pre existing building with exposed studs. I insulated and paneled with OSB and it came out great. Yes it took two coats of Ace Royal but with a roller for semi rough surfaces it painted nicely. For a finishing touch on the bottom edge I screwed on 3/8" Z-channel, it's galvanized and will protect the bottom edges of the OSB from moisture. Make sure not to put your OSB flush on the floor leave 1/2" to inch to keep it out of the chicken poop.

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