OSB vs Plywood?

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  1. mirandalola

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    Oct 13, 2016
    NorthEast Texas, USA
    We're planning our coop and OSB is cheaper than plywood, but I've never seen anyone else use OSB for nest boxes. Why not?

    (OSB is a board manufactured from small pieces of wood glued together.)
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    Apr 17, 2015
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    Most don't use OSB because is doesn't hold up well. Even the slightest amount of moisture and it starts to fall apart. And it's pretty near impossible to get the stuff completely sealed up and waterproof.
  3. My nest boxes are OSB...My walls are too...My floor is in plywood with lino...And sand as floor covering...Easy to clean and no stink...I clean with a kiity litter scoop and a pail daily...use the dropping every spring under my trees and flower beds...

  4. I think I better send a picture....I think I might be lying now? I am not in construction..lol..This is what my Husband used..I know the floor was plywood...
  5. mirandalola

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    Oct 13, 2016
    NorthEast Texas, USA
  6. Vermont Poultry

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    Sep 22, 2016
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    The question already seems to be answered but... I use both OSB and plywood for constructing small/medium projects, rarely would you want to use OSB for anything other than interior work. OSB is surely easier to work with than Plywood, but plywood is much stronger and should be used for exterior work like walls roofing. But don't get me wrong their is nothing wrong with using OSB if you are building a small coop with a tight budget, it will still likely last long enough for the short term, but out of all the OSB coops I have seen, most are rotted and cracked (plywood doesn't usually rot but it will sponge out if exposed to weather for to long). Plywood is actually extremely sturdy if used correctly and actually will stiffen up a frame quite a lot, and increase the amount of stress and load a structure can take. I have found quality plywood for around the same price as OSB. Depending on were you purchase you can be paying $8-$30 per 4'x8' piece of plywood board. Over all you get what you pay for. (Extra tip: If you look at the printing on the plywood it usually tells you which side is supposed to be vertical/horizontal for maximum wear bearing performance.)
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  7. PingoBags

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    Jun 27, 2016
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    I have an unprotected osb shed that was built 7 years ago and still does not leak.
    A few places have swollen but still works fine.

    My coop is a converted dog house completely comprised of osb.
    Originally when I made the dog house, I put 3 coats of exterior paint on the outside only, including the roof.

    When I eventually converted it, I put two coats of waterproofing stain on the inside and shingled the roof.
    The exterior nest box's I added are obs but I used exterior paint on the outside and stain on the inside.
    The only plywood I used was for the sliding pop door and a bigger door on the other end of the coop which also holds a plywood feeder.

    I still have no swelling or rot. The condition of the osb is the same as the first day I made the dog house, even with all the rain and snow we get.
    I could have built 3 of the same coop for the price of plywood, Canada prices.

    I got to agree with Vermont Poultry, plywood is a lot stronger.
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    Jan 17, 2014
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    The way I am going to spin it is this. if you are looking at OSB for price then consider this, more than likely you would need some form of water proofing (not always) but if it is exterior you should. this will add to cost. compare the cost of tar paper or your waterproofing of choice and add it together and compare the cost of the plywood and the osb.
    I normally suggest Plywood... only because EVERYTHING I have ever cut corners on with OSB has ended up disappointing me within a year or so... some people swear by it and there are many methods to keep the moisture off the OSB, but why stress yourself with that as it will just add more work, more frustration and if you had just pay a little extra you can get twice the life and fewer head aches later... just my 2cents.

    PS, this is also coming from VA where we are humid and the humidity eats EVERYTHING!
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