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My 5 year old has just informed me that she wants a tea party theme for her birthday. Target has all kinds of tea party themed party supplies, but I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to do a teapot cake.

I can decorate cakes, I did my sister's wedding cake, with tiers and that, and did a barbie doll cake last year, but a teapot has me stumped.

Any cake makers out there?
Make a cupcake cake! My mom and her best friend are stuck on these and make them for everyone. I got a snake, my friend got a purse and my other friend got a bikini. The choice are endless and they are pretty cool. No need to cut the cake when they are all little individual cupcakes! Im sorry if the picture is huge, photobucket is acting funny.

I just sent DD all of my kids cake recipes . I felt DGD at 9 1/2 was getting too old for cakes like that. Our other grandkids are under 6. One of the ones I sent her was a TEAPOT cake!! I didn't ever make it so I don't know how it was made. Good luck though.

Im a personal chef and sometimes I have to do themed party or dinner.
I remember seeing a teapot cake pan at Michael's.
It's a crafty type chain store with everything from knitting to ...well... cake pans. You may have one near you or something similar.
I do decorate cakes!!! I have never done a tea pot however I could imagine doing one. I would use the wilton pan that is round like a baseball,soccerball, etc. You bake it in 2 pieces then put it together to form your ball. Just trim off the bottom of one side so it wil sit up level. I would then get that stiff foam and just cut out a handle and spout. Then use anything you want for decorations. If you really wanted to get creative make some fondant and cut the spout and handle out it. (note: this would need to be done 3-4 days a head to allow time to dry). It would not be that hard .You can get that pan at Michaels .Good Luck!!
i decorate cakes too. go to wilton.com i think it is and see if they have a pan i can't remember. if u get a wilton yearbook it has all kinds of ideas for cakes and tells ya what pans can transform to other things. i got about 50 wilton pans,lol counting 2 wedding sets, plates pillars and more. here we have carols cakes and candies and all about a party they have wilton pans as well as party supplies. if u can't find what u want on wilton it maybe a retired pan u can find on ebay. if not party supply shops carry some pans also.

another trick i found is to get rice paper and star drop the pics in iceing. find a cartoon version and place it underneath the rice paper. trace the outline with a toothpick dipped in color paste and let it dry. after the tea pot is drawn on star drop the iceing to make the pic. once on top of the cake star a circle of starts or whatever to hold it in place around the outside of the rice paper. it is totally edible and can decorate whatever around it.

the idea above would work also.
Thanks for the ideas.
We have a local cake & candy place, so I'll have to make a trip up. I had the soccer ball mold, and lent it out to someone. Never got it back, and now I forget who I leant it to.

I'll have to take lots of pics.
If you don't have the soccer ball pan I am sure that you could use 2 pyrex glass bowls that are the same size and bake the cake in them. Just a thought to save you the price of a new cake pan.

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