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  1. Wanting to know how Welp chicks are, Thinking about ordering the following chicks (most are for the wife [​IMG]) - Barred Rocks, Buff Rocks, RIRs, WLs, GLWs, Delawares, and Gaint Black Cochins. Any and all information would great. Thanks very much.
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    I got some cochins, but not black. I got 5 assorted, 1 cuckoo, 2 partridge, 1 red-ish, and 1 partridge-ish. My cuckoo is the fluffiest and has the best foot feathering. I wasnt too happy with the Penedesncas though, looks like they where crossed with welsummers, out of 10, 1 had blue legs, and 3-4 had carnation combs(which they are supposed to have). I also got 10 assorted white eggers, and they sent me 10 anconas. they didnt have variety promise though. The only thing i didn't like was that you had to order at least 5 of each breed/color. that why i got the assortments.

    I'll post some pics later when i get home, i have some on my camera.
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    I was thinking about getting light brown dutch bantams and blue rosecombs from them. It seems like their the only hatchery with both of them. Anyone order those breeds from them? I will never order from mcmuary again! We have tried them three times and only the first batch turned out good
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  4. Hello Farmer Chef,
    I was wondering who to contact for some large Malay chicks this spring.
    Who would you recommend?
    Sam Piper
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    We bought d'Uccles and cochins from them. The two partridge cochins we bought (bantams) were lovely, as were the d'Uccles.
  6. [​IMG] Well sense I can't afford to order 5 of every chick I want, what anybody tell me about Meyer Hatchery and Murry McMurry Hatchery
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    I was looking for chicks earlier and I found out that efowl.com has FREE SHIPPING this whole year!!! But I am not quite ready yet. They have a 5 breed minimum I think if you pick and choose but they had assortments too. I have never ordered from them but the free shipping just really surprised me and I may try them soon!!! The other hatcheries it just seems with the small order fee, then the regular shipping fee, then another fee for different breed selections is just TOO much. To me with free shipping it is almost like being ab;e to pick them up locally.
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    Welp - Sad looking Polish with tiny crests, skinny bodies, and flightiness is all I know from personal experience.

    McMurray - Sad looking unfriendly Wyandottes, often unhealthy EE's, pretty decent pet-type New Hampshires, tiny Brahmas but with great temperament, very friendly but typically production type Turkens.

    That's what I know. The health of the chick upon arrival has nothing to do with how good a hatchery, it has to do with how far away it is and what the weather was like.

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