Other ways to sell eggs!


May 17, 2018
Los Angeles Basin
hi all. so i tried something different this week. I sold pumpkin pies made with my backyard eggs. It was just a trial...I didn't know if it would be successful or not. IT TOTALLY WAS!!! I sold 3 pies for $15 EACH (i included homemade whipped cream) Each pie had 3 eggs. It was the eggs that totally made the difference! Everyone said they wanted to eat a pie with real free range, really organic, and definitely local eggs! $15 y'all! crazy. (because i charged so much i used quality ingredients, even made the pumpkin puree.) Next month I'm going to try to sell Eggnog. It's my grandma's old recipe.
Hopefully it will be as successful.
That got me thinking...In what other ways do you sell your eggs?
Looking forward to all your creative ideas!
Happiness and love to you all!
I love those ideas - both the pies and the egg nog! I'd buy some if you weren't several hours away!

My chickens aren't laying yet, but I know I'll have to give them to my mom weekly as repayment for my teenage years. I know it's a pittance when compared with what I owe, but it's a start.
Aww! thanks. how many chicken do you have? you '' have so much fun when they do start laying!!!:love

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