Our babies are NOW outside!!!


12 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Small Town, Virginia
We got our coop an run finished all except for the coragated roofing which we will put on tomorrow.






And here they are for the first time on real soil.


Looking good! How are the chickens liking it so far? Looks like your child has the same tool kit my 5 year old does! That little hammer came in handy tacking down the hardware cloth better!

We moved our girls into their coop and run about a week ago. Tonight was the first night they all got back into the coop at sundown without our help! We are so proud.
We are still working on finishing touches of the run/coop but we'll get it done eventually.
They seem to really love it. Well, they like the run!
We had to put them in the coop, one by one.
My ds would put one in at their door and I stood at the back clean out door and hollard, 'here chick chick chick' once one would get to the back she found her food/water and YUMMY boiled eggs and then we would do it again. We finally got ALL 10 in there. Only one was just so totally freaked out, he got back into the run before our son could close it.

Our son wanted the tools for his birthday so that is what he got. He got the big set with the belt and saw and he got the tool box and the smaller set. I think there is one more set that comes with a larger hammer, maybe not. Ane he got a couple of the kits from Lowe's as well. He'll start putting those together as part of his summer school time.

We still have a few things to do as well and maybe they will get done tomorrow or Monday. I have to go visit a friend that my hubby works with. They were raising chickens so they still have EVERYTHING from their's and they told me that they would sell us what ever we needed for MUCH cheaper than going to the farm stores. So right now they just have their small chicky sized containers from the brooder.
Oh, this is the FIRST help that we have gotten on this whole thing. We started this coop back on April 28 and have been trying to get it done, but with all the rain and just the two of us, it's been a real pain.

The ONLY reason we had help today is because we needed at least 5 people to move the coop a whole foot to connect to the run. So they just stayed and helped out and hubby went and bought them a 12 pack, it was HOT so they were happy.

In the pictures are my hubby w/the bandana on, my uncle (the one in black), our daughter's husband on top of the roof and in the bottom picture of all the men is my dad on the inside of the run. And the last picture is our son.
I wish I could just buy a case of something and get the guys over here to work. *lol* I will say though, my husband was pretty helpful in getting it done without much complaint. However, I consider it my mother's day present.
Still have to figure out what to get him for Father's day, he really deserves something this year. I don't think the promise of deviled eggs is going to cut it.
deviled eggs!

I too have NO IDEA what to get my hubby for father's day either. He is the only one working, so technically he will be buying his own father's day gift. LOL I think what would make him happiest is a homecooked meal, something I have rarely gotten to do over the last month or so, I mean a REAL meal. I have been doing a lot of quick dinners and we have eaten out way too much, so it is time to get back to real cooking.
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