Our coop is up and running and ready to roll

Terri O

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Jan 2, 2010
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Cute! I hope you are only getting 2 birds? I do have a couple of suggestions. (if I may) You might want heavier bricks around the edge, especially if you have raccoons or dogs about. Secondly, it looks like cedar mulch in there? That would not be a good choice for ground cover--it can be toxic. Pine or aspen shavings are more absorbent, softer, easier to clean and will compost better too.
Good luck with your new birds! Terri O


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Feb 18, 2011
You can't really see, but there is trenched chicken wire. The bricks are just for, well, I don't know why I put them there. LOL. I basically build a bottom for the coop but I could add heavier bricks. As for the bedding I'm so confused. This is organic cedar mulch which I researched and was told would work well. It isn't chemically treated and is certified organic. Is this still a health concern? I thought it was only a health concern if it was chemically treated. I certainly don't want to make the girls sick!


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Jul 28, 2009
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My Coop
I do see the run skirt. I think the other poster was talking about the set-up appearing pretty light weight, so even with the skirt it kind of appears that a dog could flip it over???? So bricks or pavers on top of the skirt looks like a good idea to me. To be safe, test it yourself - try to lift the run up by gripping the skirt to see if you need more weight. Sorry - I'm not sure about your bedding - not sure of the difference in treated and organic cedar - whether it would make a difference with the respiratory issues... Try the search feature...

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