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Husband was tired of the old swimming pool frame covered in chicken wire I was using. So he is building this. What started as a simple lil coop is now in the 600 dollar range and we still need to buy supplies for the run. But the coop is going well. I will post more as we progress.

Cant wait.



My origional mess is visible behind the new coop. I was going for a basic coop. Husband does nothing basic. we have electric for the lights, heat and fans. This thing is being painted yellow and white to match the house.

I will post more pics tomorrow. We are not builders by any stretch but we can swing a hammer, so this has been a bit of trial and error.
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oh and some details too. Its 4 foot by 8. 4 outside brooder boxes. a back poop door. vent windows and doors, covered in hardcloth. sitting on cinder blocks.

Look forward to showing what first timers can do. It looks messy but we have lots more to go. So bare with us. Proud to share.
thanks. those pics were from yesterday afternoon. we have a lot more done since. I will post more tomorrow. Its way more than i had expected. But hubby always outdoes the blueprints. love him for that and wanna strangle him for that sometimes. but he wants me to have the best he can give, so what girl wouldnt love it.
I like the human sized door... keep building coops and forget each time that I too need to get inside. Looks great, and it is nice that you have a souse that is involved....
This was a 200 dollar budget for coop and run. we were to garage sale and dumpster dive and craigslist. I am a cheap country girl. My husband is not. He is frugal but he doesnt like to work with inferior supplies soo....

I know at least 50 2 by 4s. at 2 dollars each so far so thats 100.00
hinges 4 dollars each times 12 = 48.00
screen door recycled (my find) = 2.00
20 cedar planks for 1.37 each - 27.40
3 gallons of paint = 46.00
door handle = 8.00
roofing = recycled
nails = 15.00
screws, 2 sizes = 30.00
plywood 5 sheets at 12.00 each = 60.00
150 feet of chicken wire = 80.00
2 rolls of hard cloth = 16.00
2 sheets of clear plastic (for windows)= 40.00
10 cinder blocks 2.00 ea = 20.00

We are up to close to 500 dollars. OUch.
So far you can see we are way over budget. And we havent finished. Its getting crazy and fast.

He's also got the electrical to install and the heat and the fans.
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I did a lot of research on here and the human size door was mandatory. I want to get inside to clean comfortably and not lean over. My back is not good. The run is gonna be tall enuf to walk in also. I am looking forward to it. Thanks.
Looks great, but don't understand installing electric for heat. Our summers are 85 deg + and in the winter, people who winter over done apply heat till it's well below 0. Why bother with heating?

What do you use for litter? I've learned sand is great and cleans up like kitty litter (rake & kitty litter scoop on a handle?)
Might consider a board across the door opening to keep the litter in.

Keep the pictures coming

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