Our coops - "Jerk Hut" and "Big Mama's House"


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Jul 26, 2011
We've only had chickens for a couple of months, but we've already expanded to two fenced areas and we're working on a third! We've totally caught the chicken bug! And my husband did such an awesome job of building/remodeling our coops, that I wanted to share them here.

This is our main coop. It used to be a crappy old playhouse that we dismantled and completely rebuilt. We call it the Jerk Hut (my hubbie LOVES jamaican jerk chicken, but he'd better keep his hands off my little guys!
) We're not quite done yet. We're going to paint a sign on the front next to the door and we're going to add a big window box with lots of flowers next summer. Our little flock of silkies and polish lives here.


And we bought this "ark" on Craigslist. We're making some adjustments to it, like adding access doors to the nesting boxes. This is where our five EE hens live. We're using it as a stationary coop instead of a tractor, because we think that space on the bottom is way to small for 5 adult hens. They don't actually get shut in except at night. Otherwise, they're free to roam the entire pen with the goats, and they get 2 hours daily of free ranging over our 3 acres.


My husband picked up this doghouse for next to nothing. He's in the process of turning it into a small coop that we'll use for our seramas once they're old enough to live outside. He added some exterior nesting boxes, a really cool backdoor for human access. It should be completed this weekend, and then we'll think up a name. (I'm toying with the 'Heli-coopter!)


And here's a pic of the whole chickie complex. Soon all three coops will be painted the same shade of blue, and we'll have a third fenced areas. Our goats like to wander from one area to the next once the chickens tuck themselves in at night.

When we decided to get chickens, we had no idea how much joy and entertainment they would bring to our lives. We're so glad to be a part of the Backyard Chicken community!
I figured it was small and for some obnoxious roo!

I wish we had thought of that! So far our teenage chicks haven't turned into jerky roos yet. I'm dreading the day!

Yes, the runs are connected. We used to only be able to go in through the back of the main coop, which was a real pain. But my poor, weary husband put in two gates, one in front and one between the runs, and my life is so much easier now. And the goats are able to wander back and forth between the two runs, which they love.
very cute set up - have you been to the doctors for your Morehens disease?? The only cure is to get more hens. ;>)

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