Our Deer Herd, sort of

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    Feb 6, 2007
    We have about seven deer living on our 20 acres. Some have been here for years and this year I'm seeing babies born last year. The twist is that they have become so accustomed to my comings and goings, my talking to the birds they have lost their fear of me. Used to be they would head for the hills even if they were at the very back of the property and saw me step out on the porch. Now they can be as little as 50 feet away, pick their heads up to watch me or not bother looking at all. Tonight one of the does with her two fawns were out when I went to put the Guineas up for the night. She and her babes looked up at me and promptly put their heads down to begin grazing again.

    The photos are of one doe that is the bravest of all. More than once I've walked around the corner of the Guinea pen to see her standing there grazing less than 25 feet away from the entrance. In these shots she realizes something is different as I'm approaching, it was the camera. She could hear it every time I pressed the shutter button. By the time she had had enough I was within about 50 feet. No we do not feed these deer. They have pasture to graze and two ponds for water, we don't harass them and rarely fire a gun so they have nothing to fear here.

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    very nice pictures of "your" deer. [​IMG]
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    I like deer [​IMG] Is there any bucks with them?
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    We had a young buck show up this weekend. Odd, we don't usually see them until fall and that's usually a small herd of them. Had to fence of the hub's young weeping willow because they kept barking it.
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    they look delicious;)
  6. Imp

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    That's pretty cool. Nice pictures.

    I have urban deer in my neighborhood. I don't see them often lately. Once they were blocking the street on my way to work. Weren't afraid of my car or me. I had to push a huge doe out of the street.

    Imp- with my body, not the car.
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    nice pictures of the deer! [​IMG]
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    LOVE Deer!
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    Have a doe that has her fawn here every year, i work with them as they grown ,last years fawn ,as button bucks i could walk within 6 feet of them.


    A video of them coming to eat my free range chicken and peacock's corn......this was taken from my house ,not more than 20 feet away.


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