Our Ducklings are HOME!


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Mar 11, 2014
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Well finally after week so waiting, our ducklings we ordered from Murray McMurray arrived at the post office, cheeping away and spunky as ever! I originally had a gravity waterer, but it didnt fit nicely in my brooder....so used these two cat dishes instead, glad I did as they are the perfect size for them to splash around in, and Love the idea I found on here about the cake pan set up :) keeping things tidy! Can anyone guess the breeds we got???? :)

Yes, the darker ones are blue runners. And buffs. Wow! My flock is nine runners and four buffs. Great ducks!

Proud of you addressing the water situation right up front. It is something that many of us - and I mean us, I include myself - have struggled with when we first get ducklings.
I have some very sad news....my husband took the girls over to visit the ducklings at the farm....I waited for dinner to get done....I get over there and he and his father were outside talking and I asked where our oldest daughter was (4) and he said he didnt know....ok.....I go in and check on the ducklings and find two of them squeezed to death!!! my daughter bolts out of the room.....OMG Im just traumatized and infiriated with my husband!!!! who leaves a 4yr old unattended with ANY baby animals....they were all SO healthy and FRIENDLY! now they are just petrified of us when we reach our hands in there.....Im just so sad this happened, we lost 2 of our blue runner females....I hope my daughter learned a tough lesson tonight......my husband better have as well!!!!
Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you (and your DD). I know I have to keep a constant eye on things when my DD (3.5) are with the ducks. My ducks are around a month old now and Pekins so they are quite big now so I don't have to worry as much about the squeezing but she does still like grabbing them.

Again, I'm really sorry!
Well the rumors are true...ducklings grow FAST! I swear ours have doubled in size....and ive graduated them from the cat dishes to a large rock bottom bath, with a rock to get in/out and they love it!!! Im curious, how old are they usually when they ship? We got them on Wed 9th, and they were shipped on Monday the 7th....now im assuming they are at LEAST a week old today....any insite???

They usually ship them the day the hatch/ the day right after they hatch. Because that's how old they have to be in order for USPS to ship them. So, whenever they shipped, they are within 24 hrs of being born usually.

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