our egg sign (the information one) I set out a stack of BYC cards too


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Egg Prices



Duck eggs are $2.00/half dozen.

These are pastured, free range, happy chicken eggs . They are not vegetarian-fed; our birds love bugs!

Please turn around in our driveway. Backing out is dangerous on Hwy. 20.

Pastured Chickens

Pastured eggs are often richer and brighter in color than factory farm eggs. Our birds eat grass, scratch, peck, and do other happy chicken things. Some studies suggest that pastured chicken eggs have less cholesterol and more vitamins than commercially farmed eggs. Because our two flocks include roosters, our eggs may be fertile. This doesn’t affect nutrition, but it does freak out vegetarians. For all your chicken related questions, check out:


If you see FrenchHen on BYC, that’s me!
That's cool!! Nice plug for BYC
Where we live, that's about the going rate for non-organic farm eggs.
But we live in the Pacific Northwest.

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