Our first egg! But- (Is this normal?)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Luminide, Feb 20, 2014.

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    I'm really prone to worrying, so this may be an overreaction, but the duck who laid this egg is whimpering quite a bit. She's the smallest of my pekins and about 10 months old. She isn't exactly the tamest duck, but I brought her inside for a warm half hour bath and am waiting for help to check her vent. The egg itself is very normally shaped, 2 1/2 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches wide at its widest.

    What I'm mostly getting at is, is it normal for a first time layer to appear in pain hours after laying? And regardless, is there anything I can do for her aside from the warm bath?
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    I've never noticed any of my ducks acting like they were in pain after they laid but they may have been they are so good at hiding things. I'd keep an eye on her check her vent to make sure all is well there and I'm sure she enjoyed her nice warm bath.Mine could stop laying and never start back and I would be fine with it. I'm always worried they may have trouble. So far none have. Thank to Lord.

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