Our First Egg!!!

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  1. PuffyChick

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    Jun 7, 2012
    WE LAID AN EGG!!!!!!
    But ..I dont know who did it ..they just dropped it down in the yard. LOL
    Where they had been diggin by my grape vines earlier in the day.

    I am so sure it was Lacy tho(I thought I could feel one in her by gently feeling her hind end.
    Or hopefully Penny, She was laying down behind the BBQ and acting weird while the other girls sort of stood guard near her ..and she has been super loud lately making me worry she ..is a he. LOL
    How do you tell which chicken laid an egg? Hhahah

    It's a BIG egg too, you literally cannot tell the difference (looking at it anyway) from a store bought brown egg.

    I expected it to be covered with a bit of muck....

    Can you induce a chicken to lay by rubbing their back in a tickling sort of way? I mean ..it's like I was petting them and rubbing a bit of DE onto them and I sort of hit this yummy spot for them making them stick their rear end up in the air and sort of "open" up, My mom was laughing, leave it to me to turn a chicken on eh? (oh god)

    I am wondering if my 9 year old is playing a trick on me, as she "found" it when she went out to put the girls up for the night. She says she washed it off with the hose and put it back where she found it ..
    How do you tell? LOL

    Kids ......and chickens! ARgh..
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    Oct 3, 2011
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    Congrats on the egg. [​IMG]

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