Our hen kicked this partially hatched egg out from under her and not sure what to do

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    So we need some help... as you can see from the picture the main concern is if it it is the umbilical or the placenta thing and if it will just dry up.... or something more serious such as the intestine or something internal from the chick.
    Let me back up.... we out this morning and our blue orphington hen has been sitting on a clutch of eggs for a while and I went out this morning to check on her and she had kicked out about six eggs and one of them was an almost fully hatched chick, it's legs were kicking.... still about a quarter of the shell attached on the back.... so brought it in the house[​IMG]

    , my wife wrapped it in a towel and then a heating pad and it began to dry lit and fluff up.... the rest of the shell fell away; however, as you can see by the picture there seems to be something still attached either the umbilical....but it almost seems as if it is the intestine or something internal..... can someone please offer some advice as what they think it is, as well as offer us some guidance?
    Thank you in advance for any help offered.
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    It probably won't make it, best you can do is keep it warm and see.
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    Any hatched chicks under the hen?
    They sometimes know when an egg or chick is not viable and will discard it......sometimes a broody(especially if a first timer) will freak out when eggs start to hatch.
    If the abdomen didn't close up before hatching the chick will probably not survive, happens sometimes.

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