Our new baby GOATS <3


5 Years
Sep 12, 2015
Dayton, OH
We have been having a rough time with COVID. My husband brought it in and was sick, then naturally I was sick, now the kids all are positive but are thankfully asymptomatic.....Its been hard and I feel like we have been locked down on our farm for too long!

Well we had BABIES born a few days ago! They're pygmy mix doelings!

Oh and I'm lucky my goats don't judge how I dress when I go out to feed in the mornings!

Meet Cookie (light goat with most black on face), Brownie (brown), and Popcorn (white)

9.jpg 9_1.jpg 9_2.jpg 9_3.jpg
OH MY GOODNESS!! How adorable!! :love Hope you and your family are feeling better. :hugs

Thankfully we are, last week was pretty rough but now my husband and I just can't taste or smell. Makes changing poopy diapers easier since we can't smell them LOL! Gotta look at the silver lining!

They are so very cute! Love love love!

Thank you!

They are so cute! I want goats so bad! :love

Goats are awesome! We have quite a few animals on our farm and goats are probably my favorite

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