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Bill in Hamlet

10 Years
Sep 14, 2009
Hey ya’ll,

Well I missed going to the boat on my six days off. I picked up a rooster from a coworker, Thanks Marty, and my buddy Mal sacrificed his six off, and together we built the Taj- Mahal for “Dumplin”. He’s enjoying his new dig’s and is in need of some ladies. We plan on getting him four of them. After they become accustomed to the coop we will let them free range during the day. My Daughter asked me the other day about our plan to move aboard our sailboat after we upgrade to a live aboard, and how the chickens will fit into that scenario. With a wry smile, I said Tupperware.. I plan to finish this project on my next days off.

Fair Winds,





Beautiful. You guys should hire out as professional coop makers. Maybe you could give up the day jobs. I'm looking at the photos and thinking I'd have a fit when the chickens mess it up.

Your roo won't have any trouble attracting gorgeous chicks when they see his pad.
Thanx ya'll

We have four Buff orp hens coming that were raised with him so he will be comfortable and familiar with them. Two are already laying. I put down some DE in the coop and pen today $21.80 for 2.5#. The feed store said that if I liked it I could purchase 50# for $27.00 plus $20.00 for shipping. I will probably get some Stall-Dry too. We are still learning and appreciate your advice and encouragement.

The pen is 5x7 and the Coop 3x5 is 5 birds to many for this area? Eventually I will let them free range for a couple of hour at night. We are still waiting for the birds and our dogs to adjust.

Fair winds,

WOWZA!!! So $47 for a 50 lb. bag of DE???? I would make calls elsewhere. I paid $29 (which I thought was kind of high) and she ordered it for me...no shipping. Also, you might try local garden nurseries; they sometimes carry it if you can't find a cheaper feed store.

GREAT coop!! I'm sure you'll have some happy hens and one happy roo!!

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