Our Pekin Drake has become sexually agressive with our hens and has mated with one that has develope


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
We have recently discovered that our male Pekin has been aggressive with our hens and has mated with at least one. She (Ernestine) has a dirty, foul smelling vent that has attracted many flies. We have been using warm, soapy (Dawn) water with Epsom Salts mixed in to soak her bottom morning and night. We trimmed much of the feathers that were stuck together with her stool and cleaned away a bunch of maggots. She seems better in that she eats and drinks but she hides during the day (and who could blame her?) We are wondering if anyone has had any experience in this department and could offer some suggestions. What can we use as a fly deterrent? Any suggestions about what to do are greatly appreciated.
Separate the drake from your chicken hens as soon as is possible. Roosters do not have penises - drakes do. A hen's anatomy is not constructed for the insertion of objects. Continued mating by your drake may severely injure/kill your hens. An antibacterial ointment applied to your hen's vent may help deter the flies.
i had the same problem awhile back, and ended up having to get rid of my Pekin drake. his girls got killed by skunks, and he started deviling my hens...i found him a home with someone who had a bunch of ducks, and he is happy now :)

are you able to bring you hen inside somewhere that flies aren't able to get to her for a few days? if she's hiding she might need a little recovery time to settle down and get back on her feet...i have a "chicken hospital" set up with a dog crate, etc. inside my coop...that way my sick birds don't have to be all alone. i don't know if that would help with the flies, however.

good luck!

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