Our Roster Found Us


Oct 27, 2015
. Hi my family was adopted by a rooster back in October thanks to some great advice from this site we are getting the hang of caring for him. We have named him Goober and he is as spoiled as our other pets (dogs) are. We even successfully managed to nurse him through an incredibly bad case of fowl pox thanks to the support from this site and our local feed store. Still looking for a cheap way to vaccinate him against it and hoping to get him some ladies in the spring..... Our four kids adore him and my daughter who is six with behavioral issues actually has been using him as a sort of therapy (she tries to go outside and talk with him when she's upset)
He showed up in our yard and wouldn't leave we posted ads on fb about him but the woman who claimed him wouldn't come get him so after a few days of the only time he left our yard was to walk the two youngest boys to their bus stop we got him a pen and have since winterized it.
Welcome to Backyard chickens - very nice to meet you and Goober. Did you know a lot of people have house chickens, especially if they only have 1 or 2, or if they are bantams.

There is a chance if you get Goober a harem, rooster/protective tendencies might come to the surface and he could become hostile to humans.

You may want to check out the thread "People with house chickens." My friend has 3 - bantam hens.

I'm glad Goober ended up with a caring family that appreciates him. He's a very handsome guy and sounds very personable.

Thanks for joining us!

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