Our ugly chickens


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
Hey all, haven't been on for a while. After a year a way from keeping chickens were back at it again.

Previously we had always ordered our chicks online from reputable sources. Always leaning towards the better known laying breeds. This go around we decided to save a little time and get them locally from a big box farm / ranch type store. OH BOY! What a mistake. I'm am sorry to say we have ended up with a flock of plain Jane ugly little girls lol. Even the 3 roosters we have are dull dull dull. No flash or fancy here, just birds with a few extra feathers than the girls.

We're sitting at week 13 with them, so a few more weeks or so to go till they begin to lay, and boy do I have a sinking feeling they won't be good layers. As we always do, we ordered some extras to sell. Before I had always been proud to let buyers come see our beautiful flock and pick out what they wanted. But this time I'm actually embarssed. I'm truly not trying to be a chicken snob, but my goodness is this a huge lesson learned. Sad thing is we didn't save any money going this direction, cost was nearly identical.

I still enjoy them, and we've named about half the flick so far lol. Anybody else expirenced this sort of let down? How did egg production go?


8 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Southern Illinois
It's hard to guess at egg production without knowing the breed. Maybe post a picture or two? If you're that unhappy with them, I'd try to sell enough to pay for other breeds. Just because they look plain doesn't mean they won't produce well. I don't think White Leghorns are the flashiest birds but they sure shoot those white eggs out!

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