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11 Years
Jan 26, 2008
Such a gorgeous night! All the windows open (screened), front door standing open (no screen door). A few moths came in. So I'm looking towards my daughter, behind her is the door. I said, "Umm, a bat just flew in". At first she thought I was kidding, I wasn't. Poor thing couldn't find the way out and was frantically circling around the livingroom and diningroom. I took about 6 shots with the camera and didn't even get a wing tip he was so fast. I was afraid to throw something over him for fear of hurting his wings. It took about 1/2 hour, but he finally found the door. It was a "Big Brown Bat", not to be confused with a "Little Brown Bat". Yes, they're actually both local bat breeds.

He did answer a questions for us. We'd discussed putting up a bat house, but hadn't seen a one since we moved here. Now we know they're around, we'll get a bat house. Bye bye Belfrey, drop by any time, but stay outside. LOL.
Well you had an interesting night to say the least
. I had two bats in my house. It was about two in the morning and they were flying around in my son's room in his lampshade. But bats are good, they eat so many mosquitos!!
I get them out of the house by walking with a blanket or sheet toward them from the far side of the room, so they get crowded toward the door or window they came in. They use sonar so they detect the blanket as they would a wall, the room keeps getting smaller with the option to leave being more obvious. 2 people holding up the blanket at each top corner high works best, or I have done it with a broom attached to the other corner when alone, really awkward but it worked. No need to block the entire room, just as big a blanket as you have and can walk with, they seem to take the hint really well.

I don't touch them for the diseases they carry here, and I don't want to hurt them, and I find them creepy. They have a rubbery texture, one landed on me as a kid and I still recall it.
Thanks for taking care of the little guy. I have four large bat houses made into one with more bats than I can count. Right now they're gone someplace else (?), but they always come back.
Much like the stray cats around here. Give me a brown bat any day.

Pelican49, what an evening! Glad you were able to get the little guy/gal back outside without harm. Way to go!
Yay for letting him live! This is getting to be towards the end of their season, they hibernate (a true hibernation) over winter. We get them in our house a lot, we've found a pool skimmer very effective for catching them, once they are holding on to that then place a glove covered hand over them and head outside to release them. But oh do they hiss and get mad

They are so cute though
My biggest concern was the dogs getting him/her. I kept telling them to go outside, but something flying around in their house was just too much. Bats aren't stupid and he stayed high up. Of course, bats are a whole lot faster than Boxers.

There isn't much around here that I'm willing to kill. Spiders, for the most part, can stay. My daughter did kill a brown widow the other day. Red hornets are fair game as are Scorpions. I really really don't like scorpions. Whole new realms of pain are discovered when you step on one barefoot. Yeah - I don't go around barefoot out here any more. I have found a couple dead ones in the coop. Apparently chickens feel the same way about them as I do.
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