Out of chick starter


Jan 28, 2015
Stanwood, Washington
I ran out this morning for my 1-1 1/2 month old chicks and can't get more till this evening or tomorrow; This happened last week and someone said they would be fine eating the layer pellets for the day. Would it be a problem to give them some layer pellets again to hold them over till tomorrow after a little over a week since the last time they ate it? It would make sense that it wouldn't hurt too much as their bodies have had plenty of time to filter out the extra minerals. They also get to free range for an hour or so a few times a day, so they are getting other nutrients to help balance it out.
Thanks! I really don't want to feed them more but I almost didn't see any other option. My egg production is low right now, I only have two on hand; My layer flock is reduced to two hens and my roo until my chicks mother returns to the flock and they are older. Two eggs is not enough, I feel, however I will give them up for their sake. What else is a good idea for food? And I will be more cautious, I am a college student with very limited funds so it's difficult to keep up on that all the time. Though I do usually make good use of what I do have.
Hmmmm ... Maybe some kale/romaine or collards, tomatoes, shredded carrots, and food-proccesed cat or dog food. All chopped tiny. I hope everything works out great!! :hugs :):):):)

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