Out of ten - FOUR

I have WHAT in my yard?

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Jun 24, 2008
Eggberg, PA
Ten of an egg-laying mix turned out to be more mix and less egg-laying!!! I am pretty sure that four of my ten are roos!!

Not that I don't like roos but..... the whole crowing thing and fighting thing and now I have FIVE roos and eight hens.... :mad:

I was supposed to have ONE roo and 12 hens.

Will the baby roos having been raised as siblings fight??

The oldest roo is clearly master of his domain and keeps the entire flock in line. Will this be enough?
Oh boy, some times , some folk can get away with having luck with more then one roo.
As long as they come in as chicks, or young ones, it will be a while before you notice any squabbling. Like I say, some folks can get away with it- no me! I can't get the Female chick and the new male chick to get along!!!!!!!!!
I started with 11 chickens-at 5 weeksold, traded in 5 roosters for hens. 1 of those hens turned out to be a roo. Out of the 6 we had originally, 3 more were roos. So, we did have 8 out of 11 being roos.

What I have now is 2 that came from the original 11,and one that came to us at 5 weeks. They , so far, seem to get along fine. The littlest one and the biggest one have both taken an interest in the girls, but I have not seen any fights ensue. I have seen a few stare-downs, but no actual fights. They are 4 months old now. Hopefully they continue to get along, because I am having trouble getting rid of any.
While the roos may all get along, the problems you are certain to face is some very worn out and stressed hens from the excessive breeding practices they will force upon them.
All seems to go well until the juvie age and hormones kick in. The most roosters I keep within a flock is 2 and even then, I make sure to have enough hens to keep both boys occupied and so hens have an opportunity to get away from them if they want to.

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