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Mar 12, 2011
All three of my girls are at various stages of molting. The girl who was probably the most docile is now a total brute. I have 2 RIR and an EE. The EE has become really aggressive since molting. For the past week or so she has been chasing the 2 RIR girls around the coop, chasing them away from food and water. Just now we found her on top of what once was the top bird pulling out her neck feathers, pecking at her really bad and acting like she was going to kill her. She is now segregated on the top part of a 2 story coop but is pacing back and forth. She is striking out at us when we get near and trying to peck. She is even to the point of drawing blood on us. I need to know what to do and fast. This was once my most easy going girl.

Just to give you some more info:
This is the first time the girls molted with the RIR who was attacked laying her first egg again since she molted and she also used to be the top bird. The EE has just grown back her feathers and my other EE is looking like a porcupine right now.

The coop is 2 stories with each level measuring 2ft x 8ft. We keep supplemental light on the bottom and the next box is on the top.
Sometimes they go crazy when molting, but most times they don't. Sounds like your girl is really having a rough molt, and is showing it. My friendliest girls hate me touching them during their molt, and will scream bloody murder - and peck just about anyone who dares pass them.
Wow, never had that issue and I have had over a dozen birds at this point. I have had a bully but not to that level. I would say to give her a bit and, if you can, segregate her away from sight of the rest. give that a week then reintroduce her. that should put her back in the bottom ranks and give the rest of the girls a chance to recover. if she stays brutal after there introduction then i would put her down. That level of aggression is really unusual in a hen. Especially attacking you since you should be the 'rooster'. Someone else may have a better idea as to the cause and all but yeesh... Some hens just get mean.
Wow, I've had some bullies in my day but not like that. I agree w/ the others that separating her for a good week might help move her down a rung. I also wanted to suggest giving her some extra protein while separated which will help with her molt.
Due to the nature of the attack, I have her seperated. All the girls are on high protein to help them through the molt. I will give her another chance at becoming a part of the group again in a week. If it happens again...she may become a has been :(
It will probably take longer than a week for her to be "nice". Small flock dynamics can be the most difficult. When you do add her I would try to add some distractions.. Hanging cabbage roll, add an old poster (maybe some Chick'n'dales..lol just kidding ;)). Mix things up a bit.

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