Outcast Hen


12 Years
Jun 5, 2007
Hi. I took a hen from a neighbor. The reason being was that she (SLW) was being picked on by the other hens. I have about 150 birds, and thought she might mix right in. I have had her a couple of weeks.

Well not too much fuss with the girls, but my rooster is running this girl ragged. The SLW was never with a roo before, and she runs like he is going to kill her. Every time he sees her, he runs after her, until he can mate with her.

She hides from him in the nesting boxes. And I noticed today that she is losing weight from the hiding not eating routine. Her back and head look terrible from the constant attention.

He has never treated another hen like this, and I have had him for 3 years. He has accepted new comers in the past as well, without even caring.

What's going on with this girl, and what can I do to help her?
For the moment, you should isolate her and get her weight up. I've had this happen with new hens and old hens (who suddenly became the object of our roosters' fancy - who knows why). One in particular was picked on by both roosters and hens, started hiding in the coop and lost alot of weight. I completely isolated her from the other birds (put her inside the house in a cage) and fed her fresh corn, sunflower seeds, berries and fresh fruit in addition to mash to get her weight up quickly. After a few days, I took her outside twice a day and let her roam under my supervision so she wasn't approached by the other birds. Then I started putting her in the coop at night, and back in the cage during the day. Within 2 weeks, she was able to mix back into the flock without being attacked and had gained enough weight to hold her own. Good Luck, Lynn

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