outcasting my silver pencil :(


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Jul 12, 2016
Delta, CO
So I have 8 chickens. 7 pullets 1roo not laying yet prolly will be by sept oct but anywho, i always check on them at night and notice they outcast the silver pencil. Seems like shes the lil runt of the flock since i got them everyone kinda picks on her and pecks her or chases her and idk i picture a bunch of kids picking on the smallest one lol. Theyre all australorps and wyandottes and shes smaller than the rest but the only silver pencil.

Another example, at night, everyone is on the roosting pole accept her, like they kick her off and make her hang on the ramp landing (it goes, ramp to landing to ramp to pole).

Is there something i can do or is she just the lowest on pecking order?


6 Years
Sep 26, 2015
Portland OR
I think she's just lowest on the pecking order. As long as they're not hurting her and she's safe sleeping where she's sleeping, that's probably just how it's going to go.

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