Outside for the first time


8 Years
Sep 7, 2011
I am not sure if I am putting this in the correct place but I have a question. I have had my chicks (hatched Mar 4) in the coop for 3 days now and I went out and opened the pop door for them. I expected them all to run out and have fun... one started out another pushed her out and then fell out herself... None of the others are willing to venture out. I am not even sure the two out want to be and I am hoping they figure out how to go back in to eat and drink... Is it common for them not to come out at first? Do I need to worry about the ones that are out figuring out how to get back in? They are pecking away at the sand in the run... not sure what I should expect...
I've read other posts that people are having the same problem, not wanting to go out or come inside. My 2 girls are used to being outside, because I started them outside in the run, because I was still finishing their coop. They are 6 weeks old now, and haven't been outside in over a week, its been in the 20-30s and snowing, so I'm sure I will have the same problem, but the other way around. Last time they were out, the coop was done, and once I stuck them in, they ran right back out. They will figure it out.

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