Outside Nest Box in Wall that Opens?


Apr 25, 2015
Northern California
My Coop
My Coop
Hey All,
Refining my coop design as I go. I'm not a carpenter and this is the first structure I've built, so I need help figuring out how to do this...

I want to build an outside nesting box so my girls will have more space. I need the box to be on the side since the back of the coop will be close to the yard fence. However, I want both sides to open completely for access for cleaning.

So, how do I build a sturdy enough, but not too heavy, nesting box (two nests for 3-5 Orpingtons/Barred Rock/Australorp) that attaches to a wall that swings open?

Thanks in advance!
Sounds like a good plan. I would build the floor, ceiling and walls of the nesting box with 1/2" plywood. Use light lumber like 1x2's on the edges to give you something to screw everything into. Wood glue will also hold everything together well. Post pics before you start and as you go along.
Thanks Thomasboyle! I picked up what should hopefully be the last of my lumber tonight and got 1x2's per your suggestion. The side that will open but have only a window will be framed using 1x4's and then the side with the nest boxes will use 2x4's so it can hopefully hold up with the weight of the boxes. Will update as I go.
Post pics!

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