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    Well, we´ve finally made the leap and now have three beautiful ladies. I think they´re Rhode Island Reds, but really not sure and as I bought them in Spain from a Spaniard I couldn´t quite work out what he said, except they are good layers. I´ll try and get some pictures once the girls settle down.

    Anyway, I have some questions, probably stupid ones, but please bear with me.

    We have a coop and was told it was big enough for four hens, but it looks pretty crowded to us, so we want to build a run where they can get some really exercise.

    My first question is, how high can they fly? We don´t know whether we need to put a roof on the run.
    Second question, is it a good idea or not to put some perches in the run?
    Third question: we have a large terrace which is tiled and I´ve filled the base of the coop with lovely grass from the campo. Will that be OK for the run, or should I put gravel in it?
    Fourth (and final question): I´ve been regularly talking to them and stroking them (we´ve only had them three days!) and they seem pretty OK with that. If you were me, would you be attempting to pick them up and handle them or is it too soon?

    Ooops, I´m going to slip one more in... they have had their beaks trimmed. Will they grow back and if they do, should they be trimmed again or is that as cruel as it seems to sound to me?

    Thanks in anticipation

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    1. How high they fly depends on the bird. I have some that stay inside a 4 foot fence. Others easily clear a 6 foot fence. You can clip one wing, which makes them off balance, so harder for them to get the lift necessary to clear the fence. Research on this site for instructions if you decide you need to do this. Or you can put a roof on the run.. The roof will give them additional shade from the sun and protection from rain.
    2. Perches in the run are personal choice. However, they will use them as launching pads to go over the fence. (voice of experience)
    3. any grass, pretty much any vegetation will be eaten.
    4. I am surprised you can already pet them. I would just 'play it by ear'... they will let you know if they object. Some birds are just not as friendly as others and hate to be held. Others will jump in your lap.

    Enjoy your chickens... and [​IMG]
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    Congrats on your new babies. It it is different for every bird when handling them we bought some older hens ourselves my son was able to handle all three before we even got home. He carried the bigger Barred Rock to the truck she is so tame and sweet. The silkies were a little nervous but still he had n problem with them and we hold them and give them treats to make it easy. Our younger babies gently peck at our hands and cameras but let us handle them one even jumps on us and hangs out lol.

    A run with a roof and perch are a great idea also helps with predator pretection as well.
    Like stated above they can fly.
    The ground is your decision like stated they will eat vegatation.
    The beak issue, look in the learning center.

    best of luck can't wait for pictures.

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