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Mar 31, 2011
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My babies are all around 8+weeks old now and in there coop. Havent had the time with the weather to let them out. Today is supposed to be nice, however I dont have there run up yet but the coop is in a chin link dog fence that is about 4-1/2' high with NO TOP! My question is does anyone think I will have trouble with them flying that high trying to get out?????
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It's always a possibility. I'd be more worried about things getting in the top than your chicks flying out.

I know some people put a couple rows of colored twine over the top of the pen in order to keep the hawks out and the chickens in. At least it would work until you could get something more permanent like deer netting.

If that isn't possible, I know that there are tutorials about wing-clipping on this site (just clipping the tips off the flight feathers to keep them from flying very high). If you would like I could help you find it!

Best of luck with your girls!
Depends on the breed really, but probably they won't anyway their first time out unless something scares them pretty bad. Being a new place to them, they'll be pretty timid about going too far from the coop.

I'm not sure of all the breeds that fly well but I know Polish do, and Orpingtons don't. I had a polish chick that could fly up onto the kitchen countertop at 4 weeks

But my Orpingtons, though I know they can fly up 4 feet, just don't. They don't want to be bothered. There is even an open place to my neighbors yard that he hasn't gotten around to putting a gate up which I have blocked with an 18 inch high garden sifter and they have yet, in 4 months, to go over it.
These are tetra tints and production reds! Also I'll be putting a enclosed run on there coop soon, so this isn't a long term thing, and i'll be out there gun in hand there whole outside adventure til the coop is cleaned out and there all back in there safe and sound.

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