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9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
hello everybody.im haveing some problems with my new incubater,its a brinsea ova easy 190 advance.it works fine for the 1st 19 days and holds the correct RH of 45% but when i adjust it for hatching in the last two days and reset the humidty for 65% the humidity doesnt rise above 52%.the pump continuously pumps in water but it cant get it high enough.as a result i only hatched 1 of 18 very inportant eggs.
most of the chicks had pipped but made no further progress.upon opening the eggs to inspect i found the chicks fully formed but the membrane had dried up and stuck to their backs,making it impossible for them to turn and pick their way out any further.
anybody here have one these incubaters and have any idea what im doing wrong??
any help would be greatly apreciated,thanks.
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I've been testing mine for about 10 days.

What I've found is establishing a maintained humidity level is a learning curve. I've set mine to 44 % for incubation and it flexuates between 42 & 43 % consistantly. In order for me to get that reading I needed to close the vent adjuster all the way to the left. Once I got that steady, I tried hatching mode. It was very difficult. First make sure you have the sponge installed. The sponge is not square with one dimention longer than the other. The tallest dimension should sit in the water container vertically (bottom to top). Initially I had the vent opened slightly and it maintained a steady 52% like yours. I closed the vent and it went to 55 %. Then I added water to completly fill the container. I ran 57 to 58 % for overnight and in the morning it dropped to 55 %. Then I simulated a hatching session using the turning trays leveled out and put an additional container of watter in the hatching section of the incubator. That bumped it up to 56%. Then I added one GQF sponge and then another. I've yet to maintain a steady humidity reading over 58%. I have very strong doubts of using the 190 as a hatcher. Technically 55-56% should be ok but I will not try it out on my next batch which is due to arrive this week. One of the concerns I have is closing the vent down all the way to get the highest humidity. I talked with technically support and was told that even with the vent closed down there is still adequate ventilation in the unit.

I think if the flow of water from the humidity control unit was a bit faster there would not be a problem. For your set of circumstances, if your using the bottom to hatch out the eggs, try putting additional water containers in the setting trays. Start with the top one and progress to the last one. Try with and without sponges. Personally I don't think your doing anything wrong. It is getting to know the unit. Unfortunately you have to tinker with it. Not very good for a very expensive unit.

Good Luck, Ron

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