Over protective layer, or broody?


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Jan 30, 2007
I have a 10 month old Buff Orp pullet that has tricked me twice into thinking that she is broody. But then at night, she gets out of the nest and goes and roosts with the other birds. When I am gathering the eggs, she is on the nest, and puffs up at me, squawks loudly, and pecks at my hands. Is she thinking about being broody, or is she just laying an egg and being over protective about it? If any of my other hens are on the nest while I am gathering eggs, they make a couple of nervous clucks and that's it. They sometimes leave the nest and wait for me to move on to the next nest before coming back. But they never puff up at me, squawk bloody-murder, or peck at me. I would love for her to go broody full-time, what can I do to encourage that?


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Mar 30, 2008
There is no such thing as an over protective layer, but there is such thing as a hen getting mad at you because you don't let her lay her egg in privacy. So don't mistake anger with broodieness just because a hen growled at you in the nesting box. Hens also like to rest inside the nesting box in privacy after they layed thier egg. They may stay in there for up to three hours. But they ussually get out if you throw food in front of her. I know you've been craving broodieness for your hens but you have to be patient. You cannot force your hens to do somethingthey don't want to do.

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Jul 1, 2007
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Where are you HappyHens? I could loan you a broody girl! My light brahma is determined to hatch air. Silly girl. She's missing out on all the early spring BUGS!
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