over the counter anti-inflammatories?


Aug 4, 2009
I have a duck who has had a hurt ankle forever. I've taken her to the vet, but it went quite badly; I'm trying to get her to a different vet, but in the meantime, she is hurting. I've used DMSO, and upped her B vitamins, and kept her penned for as long as I could stand to see her pining to be out with her flock. I am wondering if there are any over the counter anti-inflammatories that are safe for ducks that I could get for her while I try to get her in with the right vet?

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Jul 19, 2016
Aspirin, and Ibuprofen can be given for pain. The dose I see in most vets books for aspirin is one 325mg tablet in 250ml of water. For Ibuprofen, the dose is 5-10mg/kg two-three times a day. Or if using the liquid ( 100mg per five ML/ 20mg per ml) you can administer 0.11ml per pound of bodyweight.

These are best used short term as they can cause problems such as Gi tract upset if give longer than two weeks. If you're looking to administer longer than that, you'll want Metacam or carprofen which is RX only.

If it is an injury, these drugs will make her feel better, so she may walk on the leg too soon and reinjure it again, so it would be best that she remain in an enclosed area while on the drug.

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