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    Last spring I acquired two Sebright chicks (along with other breeds). One of them was sickly from the start. No matter what my daughter and I did, she just never was as active and bright and shiny as the others. The other Sebright has done great. My flock consists of 12 hens, two gentlemen roosters and two ducks - all of which are healthy and happy. My sick girl has never really developed a bright red, succulent comb, she now has a foot she won't use, one of her wings droops and her feathers are very scraggly. She seems to eat fine and follows me and my daughter around everywhere hobbling on her bad foot. I know you are going to think she may have been stepped on or injured in some way - which lead to her being weak and ill - which could have happened along the way as she is weak and slower than the rest - but she has been this way since we brought her home (less the unused foot). I have treated my flock for infection and parasites a few times thinking there is something I am just not seeing, even though there really was only one instance of mites and the rest of my girls have always been healthy in the three years since we brought my first hens home. I don't want to treat them for something they don't have. The other chickens don't seem to pick on her really...they just ignore her most of the time. If both of my Sebrights were like this I would definitely re-evaluate my coop, feed, husbandry practices etc but it is only the one Sebright girl. I also have a Mille de fleur banty and a mystery banty who are also doing great.

    I have a large coop which I try my best to keep as clean as possible without overdoing it (sorry, no bleaching the interior :p) They have a large run outside in which they get to use daily in the warmer months (they won't even try to go out in the snowy months). The inside of the coop is large so that in the cold months they have room to roam. I give them all my fruit and veggie scraps, bread scraps and Layena feed. They have fresh water available 24/7.

    Has anyone had the experience of just one sickly chicken in a flock of healthy ones? Any tips? Or maybe people who have experience with Sebrights have any suggestions? I don't want to cull this sweet little lady but I am not sure as to her quality of life.

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