Overbergs? What are??from Holderreads,arrived today!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mominoz, May 14, 2009.

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    Feb 17, 2009
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    Pics to come of them and my geese , soon as I figure out how to post pictures.
    They gave me 2 extra!I'd orginally ordered 5 Penciled runners , 3 mini-Silver Appleyards , and 2 silkies(various colors ).
    My second choice was gray runners.(Mallard colored). I put down any date, because I really wanted the Penciled out of show stock. We emailed several times after the 3rd alternate date passed, and they said they weren't sure they could fill the order, did I want other colors. I really wanted some that I could maybe get show birds from--it was really what I wanted so I asked advice here, and said I 'd take the second tier of Runners, but I really wanted the runner pattern over solids. I said I'd take other colors of runners, but I'd rather have enough of each like 4 and 4 of a color (at least of one that isAPA recognized) and take away from the mini order... These are my Birthday present (April;) I was disapointed, but still hopeful.
    The next day (Tue.) they said they shipped! So I guess the hatch came out right! Anyway, they sent 4 Penciled Runners, 3 Gray Runners, 3 Mini Silver Appleyards and 2 Mini Overbergs. Which I have no idea what an Overberg is!
    So they sent 2 extra Runners!
    After I picked them up and got them hope I put the box in the brooder, and started to reach in , two of the mini's leaped out of the box!Leapin' Lizards, ah I mean Leapin ' Ducks, maybe the Runners suggested they do hurdles !
    Put a bit of honey in the water (not raw, processed) and made sure everone got a drink. I am watching closely hoping they all make it. One of the mini's went to sleep first, and one of the Grays wasn't quite as active as the others- Not lethargic , just not leaping and running as much.
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    Hi and congrats on the new babies. I just received my ducklings from holderread on Tuesday and all are doing well (11) of them. I had a couple that were smaller in my harlequins that napped a bit at first but they were fine that night. Are you putting the vitamins and electrolytes in their water? what food did you get to start them on?

    Here is some information on the Overberg duck...yours are just a miniature version I am guessing.

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    To post pictures...they must be uploaded here using the link a the top of the page or to online site like photobucket, webshots, picasso and etc.

    Whe you are typing the post in this box, you put the [​IMG]

    It will show up for you.
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Okay, I am super jealous! LOL, green with envy! They haven't started selling the Overbergs yet. You are *so* lucky. I can't wait to get mine. They are sending me a couple pairs in the Fall.

    How exciting that you got some! You have to post pics!

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