Overdosing Ivermectin?

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9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
I got the ivermectin paste for horses. I think all the girls got wormed. It was a fiasco. I don't eat bread so they've never had any. I had to make them like it because they were afraid of it. They would only eat it if I rolled it into balls. I got them to like it, but once I put the wormer on, they wouldn't touch it. So I tried their favorite treat...cherry tomatoes. I hollowed them out and put a pea size (I hope) amount in them. I separated them so I knew who got one, but one came running over and stole one from a girl I was handing one too. I chased her until she dropped it so I know she didn't get a double dose, but one of the girls may have.

Is it okay that they may have gotten a little more than pea size (because of stealing bits from each other) and one may have had a double dose? I'm paranoid now. I am cooking them eggs now and they have had yogurt today already...and I put vitamins and electrolytes in their water.

What do I watch for to know they are okay? When will they be "out of woods" if they were going to have a reaction to it?

Thanks for any reassurance that they will be okay. I had a hard time giving them something that wasn't meant for birds, but no place seems to have any bird wormer except Wazine and I already did that.

Are my babies gonna be okay?

Everyone was alive and well this morning. I was worried about them last night, but was reassured by your words in the PM so I was able to sleep.
All four were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed today. Mixing the egg with the yogurt seemed to help, but I'll have to get them a fresh batch because I no sooner gave it to them (and they ate some) and one scratched mulch all over the top of it. Silly girl. So I'll make them a new patch without the mulch pieces later today when I get home. They'll probably eat around it anyway, but still.

Thanks again. Now I just enjoy my girls and not worry about wormies. I have DE too so I am using that in the coop. If I use it in food as preventative, do you know what the ratio should be?

Thanks again.


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