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Mar 28, 2020
Hello! I am slightly new to chicken owning, so I am still flowing with questions. I have come to you for answers. I have this sweet, ever-laying White Leghorn. As a chick, she was quite sleepy and secluded. She had warmed up to my family and me, ending up being the most friendly chicken of our flock. About a month ago, she got fowl pox along with the rest of my flock, excluding the cockerel. Sadly, she became even more ill than her flock-mates. I put her into her own cage with food and water. We became even closer, and with T.L.C she got better. Now, she comes up to me trying to bite me any chance she gets. I really wouldn't like to give her away or cull her. Please if anyone has any advice, I'd be very thankful.
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Yes, you've succeeded in spoiling her. She now believe she has you at her beck and call. She is demanding attention when she comes up and pecks you. Chickens use their beaks to communicate. You can use your fingers as a simulated "beak" to peck her back to show her that she needs to back off and be satisfied with just an occasional cuddle.

If you are consistent in pecking her back when she gets out of line, she will quickly learn to back down. Using one or two finger, give her a firm "peck" on the back. This is how chickens discipline younger chickens when they get out of line. It works.
Agree with @azygous . I use a fast 'peckpeckpeck' in this situation, and it works well with pushy pullets or hens. I might also pick the bird up, if she doesn't like being held.
This year I've got a very pushy SS pullet, and we are going through this now. She's improved a lot, still interested in me, but not so rude.

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