overweight 51 year old women built her own coop!


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Quote:I think you are my twin! I pretend to make things level and square. It drives my dad crazy. "But Dad, the house isn't level or square. I'm making it match the house."

The miter saw is my all time favorite. I'm getting ready to haul it out this afternoon to cut landscape timbers around the coops. The circular saw gives me the willies and the jigsaw is just too slow. Go, Miter Saw!

Ozarkquilter- you did an AWESOME job! Your set up looks great and I love that you did it yourself (despite DH trying to, ahem... "help"). You are fabulous!!!


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I'm also in the same age/sex/weight range and I built my coops all by myself, too. You GO, girl! Your first coop is better than the second coop I built! And I'm awfully proud of both of them, actually. Even the lopsided, cobbled-together first one.

I have a cordless electric drill (new), a circular saw (new) and a jig-saw (new) that are all my own and NOW well-used. They're new because I bought 'em new, but they're used because I have used them for my coops and a duck house, and I bet if any real construction folks saw me use 'em, they'd have cringed and tried to stop me.

I have a great spirit level, long enough to use for all sorts of things.... but when I used it, it made me nuts. Apparently I do have some OCD traits, which that thing triggered. I used it to level the concrete blocks for the coop I just finished, and I just got so mired in trying to get all six level for that floor I didn't get work started on the actual coop for a couple of weekends.

I think I should just eye-ball for level from now on, if I want to get anything done.

The guys in the construction section of Lowe's simply adore me. They've been SO helpful, asked for updates and photos, and have occasionally gone beyond the scope of their jobs to assist me. Here comes that chunky, grey-haired lady working on her coops again!

The one gal in the commercial / construction section transferred to another store in a promotion, but she ws the first one to assist me with a quote for my materials list. The day before she left, I happened to be in there, and she pulled out a Lowe's t-shirt (in my size!) to give me.

We mature gals may make things slightly wonky, but the chickens don't care. And I'm so proud of myself, and other gals like me who dove into keeping chickens past the big 5-0.


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Well done! It's beautiful!
My spouse does most of the hammering around here, but I'm not intimidated by the circular saw, either!
Be proud, it looks terrific!


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Hi there - great job! I'm new here and doing a coop reno in an existing shed - I posted about windows, but haven't got a response yet. I notice your windows are hinged on the bottom (outside) - is there a reason for this? I was going to do it opposite with them hinged at the top (outside.) Thanks!


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Apr 29, 2010
I put the windows in high so as you can see I have to let them down. No where to open them up (up) if you know what I mean LOL thats why the hinges are at the bottom. I don't know if you noticed the black thing on the inside and outside. They are solar lights. I got them as a pair for around 20 bucks. the outside one lights up the opening for the nest boxes and the inside one gets sun though the window and is pointed at the upper corner as a night light so when I go lock up I can see just enough to do a head count. About as bright as your bathroom night light. Its only stays charged for about 3 hours so there both off by midnight. Works out great! I have always hated walking out in the dark when you can't see where your going LOL But I can grab a snake and that dosn't bother me go figure LOL
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