ow soon do roos show roo behavior?

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    I am working on integrating two 8+/- week old chicks into my flock of 7 hens. However, I saw some behavior that makes me wonder if I will even need too. I have been keeping the chicks confined inside the run with the girls so they get to know each other a bit. Today I left the chicks out to roam with the big girls. At one point after the one leghorn had harassed the chicks--the chicks began "fighting" with each other. Not seriously- just pay fighting I think- but both threw their feet up at each other. Will pullets ever do this or is this the final red flag that they are both roos? I have been thinking one and one- and some here agreed while some though both roos. I thought I remembered someone saying the partridge cochin roos get black breasts and these two are certainly still patterned but I could remember wrong or maybe they just aren't there yet? How soon will a roo start trying to crow or "sparing" with other roos? I used to raise rabbits so I know that girls can sometimes show male behaviors but didn't know how true that was for chickens.
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    Both pullets and cockerels will posture and 'play' fight.

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