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Feb 22, 2011
Since we live in the great North West, we have a great variety of owls, and I've noticed owls are just one more predator of birds.

Our family has seen a small breed of pygmy owl take and kill larger pigeons and morning doves, and we have a variety of barn owl that lives on occasion in the peaks of our house, so the worry of losing a chicken to one is there.

Our run should have a top, I'm thinking.

I also know that the Game Warden's use pigeons as "bait" to capture the owls to the south of us, in an effort to reduce the predation on the sharp tailed grouse, and then they relocate them, as far as 100 miles away.

This tells me the threat is REAL.

Yes, owls can be threat to your flock. A cover on your run is a good idea. Do your chickens free range? If so, maybe you can get them in before dusk, that would definitely help prevent an owl getting any of them. Good luck!
Not only a cover on their run, but make sure they are in a closed/secure building to sleep at night.

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