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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Makenzie, May 31, 2012.

  1. Makenzie

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    Apr 11, 2012
    For all the people who gave me advice and encouragement, I found the owner of my river visitor. [​IMG]

    Yesterday morning I went to take the dog out and there he was, calmly laying on my lawn. Got the dog in and out without seeing him, filled a water bowl, grabbed the scratch grains, and went over to talk to him while laying out food and water. In the next 3 hours he ate and drank, lay in the sun with his bill tucked under his wing, ate and drank some more, and as the day heated up came over and lay in the shade of my porch. Then once again he was gone.

    I was talking to somebody at the local feed store who at first said he wasn't missing any ducks. Then came back, gave me a description of a duck that was a total match, and said it was theirs. Told me that awhile back the duck, along with a female accomplice, escaped and while the male might have flown out the other female was flightless. They were spotted here and there close to home then vanished from sight leaving the owners to think something done got them. He asked about the female and I told him the male has been very much alone every time I see him. It makes me think they'd found a place to stay until something got the female. He's looked forlorn and alone from the first time I spotted him. I was told that if possible the family would like the duck back so I'll keep trying to catch him. He said if they do manage to get him back home they will clip his wings for his own safety.

    Ironically, the snow goose in my profile pic was also a runaway from their pond that ended up here. I hope the duck has a happier ending. The goose eluded capture long after his mate was caught and every effort to catch him failed until the day came when he was never seen again.

    Thanks everybody you all are very much appreciated.
  2. Miss Lydia

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    Well hopefully it will end happily. Hope you continue to visit and maybe one day we'll meet at a Chicken Stock here in NC.

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