Oxine? And other questions....

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Anyone use this to clean their coop? It sounds like it's pretty amazing stuff when reading about it. Is it what it's cracked up to be? I'd like to hear what other people say before buying the oxine and fogger.

    I've been using the coop for three months. Since I'm out there several times a day, I scoop the poop out each time I'm out there. I add DE about once every two weeks. My husband says I clean out the coop too frequently.

    When do I need to clean and disinfect the entire coop? Is this done 1 or 2 times a year? How often should I clean the run? I have a 100 square foot run for my 8 chicks. It's 1/2 construction sand and 1/2 grass. I don't see any poo in the sand, so it must be buried. I'm just noticing poo in the grass, although it's not too bad.

    Composting chicken poo, do I need to bury it? I'm bringing out the chips and poo in the woods in a pile. Not sure if I'm doing that right. I've never composted before.

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    I do a bleach water scrub down cleaning in the fall after butchering and let the super cold kill any gerbies I missed. If you use poop trays and clean them and the nest boxes daily, you should not need to do a complete cleaning but maybe once a week. Poop trays should catch about 75% of the mess inside a coop. Without seeing the layout, it's hard to tell. If the coop is too small or the roost too close to the wall you will find it gets messier quicker.

    The other thing is your personal standard for the coop. There is no such thing as too clean but be sure you don't use a cleaning product that will hurt the birds

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