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hale moa

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11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
big island hawaii
i have a little banty showing signs of respiratory problems and wanted to try the oxine in my fogger. i wasnt sure how long to run the fogger 3 times per day. i brought her in my bathroom and in 5 minutes it was pretty wet and steamy in there... she is eating/drinking/pooping, acting quite normal but wheezing terribly. came on quite quickly. our volcano is really acting up and i am hoping it is not the sulfer in the air, as i lost a favorite hen to the vog once (think it was that reason) any oxine users that can tell me how long to fog the hen and then the coop in general now that i have it? thanks!
yes, thank you miss lydia. the article is why i bought the oxine. so you dont use the fogger like a vaporizer or nebulizer and let it run, but instead you just wet everything down once? but do this three times a day? i wasnt clear on this when the hen already shows signs of a problem. she is fine this morning by the way, but gonna keep her isolated for another day anyway. our volcano seemed to blow and is spewing lava, but fortunately, the gas emissions are now less if that was the problem.

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