Oxine- What kind of fogger to fog flock

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    I have read lots on Oxine, I want it! Sounds like great preventative for the coops and flock.
    What do you use to "fog" with?

    The actual foggers look pricey but I want what works best. We have about 30 chickens not including youngsters hatched and growing out, in 4 different coops with breeder pens and outside runs.

    It looks like some peaople just use hand sprayers but I think we have to much area for that and it seems like the oxine in water is to be a fine mist so it stays suspended in the air for awhile.
    Others mentioned humidifers and vaporizors but I know those machines can have problems of there own with causing airborne diseases.

    Would the less expensive auto paint sprayers work?
    Other ideas or places to purchase resonable foggers?
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