Oyster shell given before hen lay eggs??


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Hi, I've heard that if you give Oyster shells to your chickens before they have started laying eggs your hen will have a high chance of binding or laying bound eggs? if this really true or false or only some breeds of chickens?

i don't want to feed my chickens something they shouldn't be eating xD

I'm not totaly sure what you're asking. Are you wanting to put some out free choice for your laying hens, but are worried about the pullets getting into it or are you planning to mix it into the feed? I leave it out free choice so the ones that need the extra calcium can get it, but nobody has to eat it. I haven't had any problems, the roos and non laying pullets never take more then a token peck at the oyster shell. I wouldn't mix it into the food though.
i mean giving to the at the free choice, but i read somewhere that you shouldn't give any oyster shells to your hens untill the start laying some eggs, otherwise there will be problems when they do start laying eggs.
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I've just heard that too much calcium for non-layers can be detrimental (hard on the kidneys). If it's free choice, the non-layers probably won't eat it anyway.
You got it. Free choice will be fine, but if your worried about it you really don't even need to offer it if they're on a good layer ration. I keep it out because it's easy insurance for the ones that nee the extra calcium, and I do a have a few older hens that really need it.
I agree with the other posts. I have my oyster shells in a separate dish as free choice. I have their grit also in a separate dish as free choice. Many people don't give their birds grit or use oysters shells as grit. I use granite grit which is harder and grinds up their feed better as other stones they pick up off of the ground are so much softer and wear down more quickly. The birds take what they want and need.
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