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    Hey guys. With today being their first day out and feeding off the ground, I am thinking when would be the time to introduce oyster shell to their diet.
    Oh, and what is the next food sampling and when do I start them on that.

    Chickens are just cool. They are like that person you know who is funny without even trying and has no idea how funny they are even when everyone is laughing hysterically.
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    Okay oyster shell and grit are two different things and serve two different purposes in the chicken's body.
    Grit is to help them grind up their feed. They need this from the time they are young, once they are eating foods other than their chick starter. If your chickens are free ranging at all they are probably finding grit just fine on their own, but it wouldn't hurt to offer them some anyhow.
    Oyster shell is fed to hens to help replace the calcium their bodies are using to produce eggs.

    The fed schedule goes like this:
    Starter/grower until 18 to 20 weeks or until you get your first egg; whichever comes first.
    After that you switch them to layer feed and offer oyster shell in a seperate container. The hens that have a need for the oyster shell will take it. They are very good about self regulating their calcium intake.
    Roos can eat layer feed too, but they'll generally leave the oyster shell alone.
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