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Apr 9, 2014
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I finally signed up to BYC after receiving my new incubator last night in the hope of hatching some shipped eggs! I'm excited but also realistic as this will be my first experience of incubating and hatching eggs and I know it's not going to be easy.

I've been looking through various information on the forums over the last few days in anticipation of receiving this incubator, but have found that there isn't a large amount of feedback or advise for this particular device - unless I've missed it! I'm hoping that this thread can eventually become a reference tool for those who are new to the device, such as myself, and encourage discussion between existing users on the pros and cons.

My current incubator setup (fingers crossed for a successful hatch):

I look forward to hearing from the community soon.

- Bates
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
United Kingdom
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Hi Bates,

I don't have that incubator, but I recall a fellow forum member (Portuguese forum) has one and shared is opinion on it... For what it's worth, a rough translation of is "review":



- If desired, can't turn the egg turning feature off.

- The need to remove the egg tray (with the eggs) every time he adds water... He ended up drilling a side hole in the incubator and stuck a small tube to the outside (so he can add water without opening it) and cutting some slots in the water channels, interconnecting them all between themselves.

- Sometimes, when turning on, it displays an "FFF" error code, and freezes once the incubating temperature is reached... Restarting it two or three times, clears this problem.

- The wires connecting the electronics to the heating element and to the power socket are very fragile and can melt... He replaced is with some heavier gauge ones.

- Very noisy fan.


- Keeps a very stable temperature, even if somewhat slow to reach it... Down to 0,1Cº oscilation, if so configured.

- Easy to clean.


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I have one of these and for the life of me I can't find my manual! I know I took special precautions so I would NOT lose the manual (putting the book next to the device) but now it cannot be found.

This is a big issue as the two initial codes that it displays (which tell you what you are changing) are not very intuitive (at least to me). I know how to get into the menu to change things. I know how to change the temperature display between C and F. I THINK that the only item I can set to a high number tells me that base temperature, and another setting is to adjust the device, so that the temp is more accurate. One of them changes the egg rotation speed. Well know... which one is which...

Any help would be appreciated as I cannot find the manual online
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Incidentally, I do know how to

* change the temperature
(just hit the set button briefly & then use +/-)
* get into the rest of the menu where you can change 5 settings :
(hit and HOLD the set button for about 5-10 seconds)
at this point +/- moves me through the things I can set, and SET elects an item to change


1: (this item in teh display, looks like the letter "C" and an upside down "F" .. I recall this odd symbol from the manual)
change between Fahrenheit & Celsius
2: (CA) * CALIBRATE adjust the temp up or down from -5.0 to +5.0 degrees (after to check the internal temperature)
3: (AL) ALARM LOW???
this (from my web searching) is a tradition setting for the low range on temp - lower than this and get get an alarm
the setting can be changed between 0.1 to 15.0. I am uncertain how this would work with a positive number from .1 to 15
4: (AL) ALARM HIGH??? (from my web searching) this seems a traditional setting for the UPPER range on temp
higher than this and you get an alarm.
the setting can be changed between 0.1 to 15.0. I am uncertain how this would work with a positive number from .1 to 15
5: the only thing left to set would be egg rotation speed, and I am uncertain that the # indicates
(which number is FASTER and which SLOWER). Setting are 30/45/60
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We have just brought a incubator but don't know how to set the humidity.
We was wondering if you could help us.

Hey, The instructions do have some interesting translations!
Just set mine up. Am I right in thinking that the ("CA" Temperature correction) should be set to 0. And that it's basically a way of calibrating the incubator's thermostat, if it's not reading the right temperature inside?

The "CA" it was set to -0.5 ? Should it be set to 0?

Would really appreciate a reply :), seems to be holding the temperature its set at quite nicely!

Have you worked out what those numbers mean yet, I have a new one and have worked out everything despite poor instructions, but can't make sense if turning numbers.

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